Do you remember the last time you changed your profile picture ?

An online local services marketplace conducted a survey that resulted in some interesting findings and one was that average social media profile picture has an age of 2 years. We are so addicted to the social media that the first thing we do when we get up checks social profiles for any updates and majority of us update our profiles daily but the profile pictures can be up to 4 years old.

Another survey conducted by Bidvine to find out how individuals in a society present themselves to others in the general public and around 2,000 British persons were interviewed who are active social media and dating site users.

The results were again surprising telling us that the people using dating apps such as Grindr and Tinder were more conscious regarding their profile picture as they use to change it every 2-3 weeks whereas, the Facebook and Instagram profile pictures are changed after 5-6 months.

Some dating websites seemed to be least up-to-date like Plenty of Fish users said that they have not changed their profile picture for 3.2 years and on the time period goes up to 4 years.

Blow are some statistics which were reached by asking individuals among the general public that when was the last time they changed their profile pictures on different social networks which they use actively: Continue reading



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