Facebook testing new Camera Effects Platform to upload Snapchat-like photo frames

Facebook copies another Snapchat feature, allows people to make their own camera ‘frames’. Facebook has introduced a new Camera Effects Platform that allows users to create custom profile frames for their photos.

This new feature allows the user to use the frames while uploading profile photos and videos on Facebook via the mobile apps. The Camera Effects Platform is also compatible with Facebook Pages, which means that their owners can also create custom profile frames for users. Apparently, Facebook’s “location frames” is its answer to Snapchat’s geofilters.

Facebook is looking to make it easy for anyone to create profile frames that can be used by support teams, political causes, businesses and special events.

However, Facebook says that all custom frames must stick to its policies in order to go live. According to a company spokesperson, Facebook employees will review each submitted frame to make sure it’s not offensive or illegal.

If you are interested in creating a Facebook frame for anyone to use, just head here and download Facebook’s templates to get started. You can use your favourite design tool to create your frame, just be sure to create a PNG with a transparent background for each element, Facebook advises. All art should be “100 percent original.” Continue reading



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