10 must-see social media marketing successes

Social media gained even more steam in 2016, and smart companies such as Starbucks, Red Bull, Arby’s and Chobani took to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social channels to reach new customers and build brand loyalty.

2017’s biggest social media marketing wins – What does it take to win hearts and minds on social media today?

You could hire a female base jumper, get her to launch off an 8,000-foot mountain, grab your product during her descent, and then capture it all on 360-degree video. That’s exactly what Dunkin’ Donuts did, and its high-stakes gambit paid off.

Other notable brands used social media creatively to lower their prices, solicit product designs, and even publish a customized cookbook. If you’re looking for inspiration as we head into 2017, check out these 10 social media campaigns from last year. (And if that’s still not enough, here are 10 more from our April 2016 roundup.)

Dunkin’ Donuts #WTFast – Sometimes you need to take extreme measures to get attention. Dunkin’ Donuts did just that last summer to promote its new mobile ordering option. The doughnut and coffee chain hired the world’s fastest female wingsuit base jumper to leap off an 8,000-ft. mountaintop and snatch a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee midflight. Continue reading



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