10 ways to put your old Android phone or tablet to use

Give your old phone or tablet a new lease on life – So, you have a new phone that doesn’t leave your side. Sure, you can get rid of the old one through a resale site or donation, but there is another option: give it a second life with a different purpose.

An old phone or tablet can be a great hand-me-down device for a child, family member, or can serve as your dedicated smart TV companion. I’ve also repurposed old gear to work as a security camera or an always-ready eReader. So before you put it on the auction block, consider one of these uses instead that may add some value and ease of use to your digital life.

The children’s tablet – Tired of the children always clamoring to get their paws on your smartphone? Now’s the chance to give them a device that’s all their own.

You’ll probably need to do a little bit of legwork, such as deleting applications you don’t want them to use or creating a separate profile that they sign in with. This way no one will send an email to your boss that you won’t be able to take back. But setting up a device that’s loaded with kid-friendly apps can be a great way for some quality learning experiences and ensuring your personal phone doesn’t meet an unfortunate end.

The streaming hub – There’s a smarter way to do TV than the garbage interface that comes with most cable boxes. The Chromecast Ultra is particularly good for this, but unfortunately Google doesn’t package a remote with the hardware. Continue reading



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