How to Easily Scan Documents to PDF on Android

In today’s increasingly paperless society, having digital copies of documents is a necessity. Scanning documents makes finding what you need fast and easy while simultaneously cutting down on clutter. In the old days in order to scan a document you would have to have access to a computer and a bulky peripheral.

Luckily, we can abandon all of that antiquated, time-consuming technology and opt for a simpler way. Smartphones have integrated advanced image recognition software, enabling us to use them to scan documents in high resolution. There are a plethora of Android apps that feature the ability to scan your documents to PDF, but they can be pricey or encumbered by ads. Thankfully you don’t need any of them. All you need is your Android device and the Google Drive app.

So yank out those old archive boxes, pull all of the receipts out of your wallet and get ready to scan.

Before You Start Scanning – First thing’s first. Open the Google Drive app and nominate the folder where you would like your scans to go. Once you’ve selected the folder of your choice, look to the bottom right of the screen.

There you should see a “+” button. Tapping on the plus button will open a dialogue box. In that dialogue box you will see a camera icon with the word “scan” underneath. This will automatically open the camera on your Android. Continue reading



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