Integrate your android device with Ubuntu using kde connect indicator fork

KDE Connect is a tool which allows your Android device to integrate with your Linux desktop. With KDE Connect Indicator, you can use KDE Connect on desktop that support AppIndicators, like Unity, Xfce (Xubuntu), and so on.

The original KDE Connect Indicator hasn’t been updated in about 2 year however, Steeven Lopes forked it, getting it to work with recent Ubuntu versions, while also adding various improvements:

support sending multiple files from the indicator; new feature to find your phone; new icons; open KDE Connect settings from the indicator device status menu item; added extensions for Nautilus, Caja and Nemo, which allow sending files from the file manager context menu; bug fixes.

If you’re not familiar with KDE Connect, here are some of its features: display Android 4.3+ notifications on your desktop (I recommend Recent Notifications so you don’t miss important notifications);

send and receive files (by default, the files are saved in ~/Downloads on the desktop and in the kdeconnect folder on the Android device); Continue reading



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