Google detected and alerted more than 12,000 of Its users who were threatening by the government backed hacking campaign in the third quarter of this year, as part of Google aggressive efforts to protect billions of online users.

More than 90% of the target users were hit with "Credential Phishing" emails, which tried to lead victims into giving access to their Google account, according to a report released by Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG).

The Google TAG has documented more than 270 government-backed hacker intelligence group that hacked intellectual property, robbing, disruptive Cyberattack, dissident, co-ordinated misinformation or spreading hoaxes and targetting groups of reporters and activistes from over 50 nations.

At CyberwarCon last week TAG discussed analyzes of previously unrevealed russian-Nexus group operations dubbed "Sandworm" (also known as "Iridium"). This is a useful example of TAG's kind of thorough threat detection.

Between July and September 2019, notifications are sent to specific users that are compatible with the amount of phishing email notices that were sent during the same period 2018 and 2017 period, TAG stated.

Such alerts are typically sent to potential targets, generally activist, reporters, policy makers, and lawmakers. Nevertheless, if you've received such a warning, don't immediately freak out it doesn't certainly mean your Google account has been compromised.

Alternatively, it's mean that an attacker that's been funded by their government has been trying to access your Google account through phishing, ransomware or another method. and you need to take immediately response some extra steps to protect your account.

"With our advanced protection system, which uses hardware security keys and offers the highest possible defense against phishing and account hijacking, we encourage high-risk users, such as reporters, human rights activists, and political campaigns, to participate in our Advanced Protection Protection Program," said Google.

Although alerts of the Government-supported phishing attacks have been sent in 149 different countries to impacted users, according to the Google Map the most targeted are the United States, Pakistan, South Korea and Vietnam.

Since 2012, Google was giving warning to individual Google account users and organization to believes that the government-sponsored hackers are using phishing, malware or other tactics to target their accounts.

Just last year, Google has released such email threat notifications for G Suite managers so that they can take action to protect their customers and their company as well.

High-risk users can take some duly security approach that will help prevent flaws of their accounts, including to keep updating their apps and software and enable 2-step verification, Google suggest to use Google Authenticator app and a Security Key as the best protection methods than regular text message.